Measuring Inbound Marketing Success with Salesforce CRM – Thrustmaster

Project highlight:

Thrustmaster, a large capital equipment manufacturer, was in need of a modern system to generate and track leads and convert those leads into customers in six of its international offices. They had no current SaaS system in place or structured lead tracking/proposal/call schedule system.

Scope included:
I launched a redesigned website,, utilizing SEO to rank for key product terms. One such term, “Azimuth Thruster” was moved up in ranking from +40 to ranking as the 2nd and 3rd search term in SERPs on Google. Bumping their competitor Rolls-Royce down two spots. I directed the implementation of the Salesforce CRM, molding the CRM to their business requirements, entered the data on contacts and accounts and lead the training programs with a staff of 25 sales members around the globe. I Improved lead generation through UI & UX utilizing clear CTA on every product page above the fold and on the home page. I connected the contact forms to a lead database system inside of Salesforce for the sales team to immediately turn opportunities into proposals. I created a lead nurturing¬†automated newsletter blast given the visitors stage in the sales funnel. I implemented a call tracking software to make sure that leads were not falling through the cracks.

Favorite part:

  • During the 30-year Thrustmaster celebration, the owner and President called me out personally in his speech for my accomplishments. You can see a video of that on YouTube by clicking here.
  • Energized a sales force that had suffered slowdowns due to the drop in activity in the Oil and Gas market.

Blending the best of Inbound Marketing with the Salesforce CRM

Brochures designed for campaign

Video Campaigns I Created Showcasing Features and Benefits of Products